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Posted By: Mick Pearce (MCP)
18-Oct-11 - 09:08 AM
Thread Name: Barbara Allen earliest version?
Subject: RE: Barbara Allen earliest version?
You could be right Lighter. Simpson certainly uses tunes in that context.

Anyway here are the two tunes. The 3rd is the Caledonian Pocket Companion tune transposed for comparison with the Musical Museum tune (The 1st two I've given the mode to show the key signature as printed. I've changed the mode in the transposed version for a more exact comparison. The tune is hexatonic aeo/dor so there is no change to any of the actual notes).

(I also had to incldude an invisible bar line - [|] - at the end of the 1st line. My version of abcm2ps - abcm2ps-5.9.22 (February 8, 2011)
running under Ubuntu 10.10 - refused to line-break properly there without a bar line; even ! didn't work!).


T:Barbara Allan
B:Oswald - The Caledonian Pocket Companion, 1747
K:Eaeo %tune is hexatonic aeo/dor
"^Slow"B|e (e/f/) {ef}g (f/e/)|(d/e/)(f/g/) {fg}a (g/f/)|
e> f (g/f/)(e/d/)|B e2 :]]:d|B d A (B/A/)|
G> A B (e/d/)|B> A G> A|B e2:]]

T:Bonny Barbara Allan
B:Johnson - The Scots Musical Museum III, 1791
"^Slow"A>A|d2 d>e f2 (ed)|c>d(e>f) g2
w:It was in and a-bout the_ Mar-tin-mass_ time
fe|(d3 e) (fe)dc|A2 d4]]
w:When the green_ leaves_ were a fal-ling
c2|A2 c2 G2 AG|F3 G A2
w:That Sir John Graham in the west count-rie
dc|A3 G|F3 G|A2 d4 :]]
w:Fell in love with Bar-bara Al-lan.

T:Barbara Allan (Caledonian Pocket Companion transposed)
B:Oswald - The Caledonian Pocket Companion, 1747
N:Transposed down 2 semitones and respaced for comparison with Scots Musical Museum
N:Key changed from Daeo to Ddor (tune is hexatonic aeo/dor so no change
N: in the notes sounding)
"^Slow"A|d (d/e/) {de}f (e/d/)| (c/d/)(e/f/) {ef}g [|]
(f/e/)|d> e (f/e/)(d/c/)|A d2 ]]
c|A c G (A/G/)|F> G A
(d/c/)|A> G F> G|A d2]]