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Posted By: Amos
13-Oct-11 - 06:03 PM
Thread Name: Review: THIS IS US: New Mudcat CD set
Subject: RE: Review: Until the Dark Time Ends
Banjos We Have Heard On High        3:18        Jed Marum
Personet Hodie        4:42        John P
The New Year Song        3:01        Hazel Bolton
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen        2:52        Ernest Johnson
The Comfort Of Singing Voices        2:29        Animaterra Women's Chorus
Cornmish Wassail        1:58        Dick Miles
December Waltz        3:12        ShoreGrass
Miss Fogartys Christmas Cake + The Cook In The Kitchen        4:25        Seamus Kenedy
Sans Day Carol        2:55         Barrie Mathers and Hilary Ward
Christmas Tree Lament        2:48        Chas Clark
Dance With The Dragon        4:02        Anne Lister
Sing A Song Of Christmas        1:11        Henry Clements
The Turning Of The Year        2:12        Steve Suffet
Gower Wassail        3:53        Rapunzel & Sedayne
Sweet Chiming Bells        3:44        Mary Humphreys and Anahata
A Sprengisandi        2:29        Rosin Okkar
Jingle Bells        1:51        Marty Kohn
Sweet Perfection (Joseph's Carol)        4:07        Claire B. Norman
When Father Was Pantomime Dame        2:58        Terry Silver
Nowell and Nowell        2:33        John Burton and Friends
Cold Winter Is Coming        3:40        Dan Schatz
Raise Your Voices In The Song        3:42        Jeanene Pratt
The Rebel Jesus        3:17        Amos Jessup
Ice Storm        6:00        Maeve

This is a collection of seasonal songs centered on the age-old celebration of the turning of the year, CHristmastime, and the hopes of winter's passage which begins at its darkest part.

The CD is musically intense, varied, uplifting. It ranges from the most ordinary, time-honored Christmas songs to the modal mystic melodies of the Gower Wassail, from the celebratory to the ironic, but throughout it is musically engaging and fascinating, both beautiful and thrilling. The songs echo with memories of frozen landscapes and dark mornings, and sparkle with rthe excitement of renewal and spiritual hope.

It is a lovely disk to listen to, and prompts a rich array of feelings and insights. A very well-done compilation indeed, and highly recommended for ordinary listening delight or for echoing through the house over and over in its season!