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Posted By: GUEST,Richard Robinson
09-Oct-11 - 08:03 AM
Thread Name: Help: JC's ABC Tunefinder How to use
Subject: RE: Help: JC's ABC Tunefinder How to use
"although some of the versions it comes up with are....bizarre."

It's not responsible for that, though, it just tries to find any ABC tunes that anybody types up and puts on the 'net, and shows whatever it finds. Vast chunks of them are copies of each other, too. The fields it shows can be a clue to that.

Shameless self-promotion time :- there is also a search at

It doesn't do the web-crawler thing, it only finds what it has in its own database; on the other hand, that's quite a lot, and there's an upside to it as well, like less pointless duplication (but it still has many copies of Soldier's Joy, which has to be good, yes ? *grin*).

You can search for all sorts of different things - text, sequences of notes, etc. You can search for sequences of generic "up" and "down", or for specific numbers of semitones up or down, or for sequences written in ABC - it translates these into numbers, so it's independent of key or abc details. And it can do "fuzzy". (The interface probably still needs some tidying up and simplifying. *sigh* I'm not good at those).

The database tends to be weakest on the ones there are 50,000 copies of elsewhere (except that 1000 of everything have probably been copied from there in the first place. grouch), but has Other Stuff. As of last week, it includes a complete browsable set of the Village Music Project tunes. I'm rather pleased about that.