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Posted By: Will Fly
03-Oct-11 - 04:16 AM
Thread Name: Transatlantic Sessions - Series 5
Subject: RE: Transatlantic Sessions - Series 5
Seems to me that the English feel that their tradition needs to be included in every facet of folk music (folkie colonialism?)

Well now you're drawing from the particular to the general - which is not what I meant when I made my initial comment about the lack of English music/musicians in the Transatlantic Sessions.

Given the cross-cultural musical links between England and the US, and given the cross-cultural musical links between all parts of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland - links which go back hundreds of years, I'm just mildly irritated that the Transatlantic Sessions weren't truly "transatlantic" when they were devised, and haven't evolved in their attitude since then. As I said clearly, I love the sessions (on the whole), but I think they've missed an opportunity here.

I certainly don't believe that "my tradition" needs to be included in every facet of folk music - why on earth should I? "My tradition", by the way, includes ancestors from Lancashire and East Anglia in England, Kildare in Ireland and Kinross and Edinburgh in Scotland. Remember - when you say "English" think of that, because it applies to a huge number of my fellow "Englishmen".