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Posted By: ChrisJBrady
02-Oct-11 - 04:55 PM
Thread Name: Transatlantic Sessions - Series 5
Subject: RE: Transatlantic Sessions - Series 5
Subject: RE: Transatlantic Sessions - Series 5
From: Bonzo3legs - PM
Date: 01 Oct 11 - 12:48 PM

I downloaded the wmv file from the iplayer and so far it is converting to DVD compliant VOB format in SUPER - never used to be able to do this without a clever little programme, and for the last year or so not at all!!!


But this failed .....

Unfortunately any official download from the iPlayer web pages also comes with DRM which time-life's the file for about 30 days. Then it gets deleted from your hard drive, or the file wont unscramble when played. Either way after 30-days the file is unwatchable and is simply wasting space.

Within the 30 days though you can watch the programme. The sound track can be recorded with Audacity using 'Stereo Mix' then saved in FLAC, WAV, or MP3 format.

The video and audio can be captured by a 'screen scrapeing' app. such as one from NCH or Applian. This basically records the data from the graphics card that is mirrored on the screen.

You'll need a fast and rock steady broadband connection for this.


Or you can use Get_iPLayer which downloads the raw file from the iPLayer server in WMV format sans DRM.

From overseas you'll need to set up a VPN with ExpatShield first.


Or you can try GetFLV or StreamTransport. I have better luck with GetFLV.

Again overseas users need ExpatShield first.


Or the episode is already on as a free leach.