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Posted By: Ron Davies
08-Sep-11 - 03:21 PM
Thread Name: BS: Whatever happened to salted peanuts?
Subject: RE: BS: Whatever happened to salted peanuts?
"ruin our health".    I won't speak to the UK, but in the US those of us who are at least partly trying once in a while to eat healthy wind up subsidizing the health costs of those who don't even try.

"Nanny State", it seems, may have to step in when people have no sense of self-preservation.

And, at least in the US, no danger of "Nanny State" trumping capitalism.   So McDonald's can continue to load its French fries with salt.   Etc. etc.   Jan, who's from the UK, managed to convince them to not put salt on hers when we were traveling through the 200-mile rainstorm in PA last weekend (having come back from doing things like singing sea songs in the pond, while swimming, and singing Louvin Brothers, doo-wop, Mamas and Papas etc til 4 AM).   But I had a few, and they still tasted salty.

Of course we usually avoid McD--Jan has told me what they are doing in the Amazon, etc.   But sometimes you have no choice, it seems.

The other thing is we just don't want to lose you salt and sugar addicts---who include a lot of wonderful musicians. Don't you guys realize that when you go in for a bypass or wind up in a wheelchair, that there might be a connection to diet (and exercise)?

Anyway, Jan has convinced me not to buy salted nuts anymore.   And I don't miss it.    I buy unsalted everything. And try to avoid processed food--which is loaded with salt. (But I do put salt on corn on the cob--can't imagine it otherwise).