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Posted By: GUEST,josepp
31-Aug-11 - 06:06 PM
Thread Name: Who will stand up: Feds Raid Gibson Guitar Factory
Subject: RE: Who will stand up: Feds Raid Gibson Guitar Factory
////The date of original manufacture might be sufficient, although it's the prerogative of customs inspectors to seize "suspect" items and it's not really realistic for them to have records to match the serial numbers on all possible instruments to a date of manufacture, or to attempt to find correlations on the internet.////

Not them--YOU! Go on the internet and print out the info along with the link where the info was obtained and present that. If that's not good enough, it's not likely they will accept anything else.

////There also are immense numbers of instruments with defaced or missing serial numbers (Stradivari used a pasted in piece of paper, and lots of "out of business" makers never published serial number to date correlations.)////

Yeah, well, I think a Strad is going to pass the age test. And virtually all manufacturers of any merit have a serial number that can be dated. I have two guitars from the sixties and one I pinpointed to 1965 by looking online and the other actually used the year as part of the serial number so it's obviously 1961. And these are on labels that are pasted in and they are easy to read and show no signs of being ready to fall off.

////A certification from the manufacturer stating both the serial number and the date might be helpful if you can get it.////

You could do the same if the label fell off--have them examine it and submit documentation of the year of manufacture. If customs won't accept that then they won't accept anything else.

////The legality of all of the materials in the instrument goes out the window if you've replaced a bridge or nut (with ivory, tortoise shell, etc?), done inlay work (probably sea turtle?), on some instruments if you've replaced tuning pegs (ebony?), etc. The instrument may have been made with xxxx and you put xyxz on it./////

Well if that was done after the ban was put in place then you deserve to lose it. I'm on the side of the govt in this one. You don't have to have real ivory and tortoise shell or any of that. Science has gracisouly provided us with far cheaper, more plentiful artificial substitutes and anybody with a conscience and a budget should be demanding it.