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Posted By: Bee-dubya-ell
29-Aug-11 - 11:54 AM
Thread Name: Who will stand up: Feds Raid Gibson Guitar Factory
Subject: RE: Who will stand up: Feds Raid Gibson Guitar Factory
The author of the article BB quotes above seems to be ignorant of the difference between East Indian rosewood and rosewood from East India. It's illegal under Indian law to export unfinished rosewood that was actually harvested in India. But India is by no means the only place from which East Indian Rosewood is harvested. It's very widely distributed throughout the tropics. The fact that it's now rare enough in India for them to restrict its exportation does not mean it's similarly rare in any of the other southeast Asian countries where its harvested. The author cannot equate Gibson's IER stockpile with that of Martin, Taylor, Fender or any other company without knowing where the wood was harvested. Implying that the Feds are picking on Republican leaning Gibson while giving Democrat leaning Martin a pass is disingenuous.

And, anyway, I thought the Gibson bust was about ebony, not rosewood.