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Posted By: John P
26-Aug-11 - 09:05 PM
Thread Name: Who will stand up: Feds Raid Gibson Guitar Factory
Subject: RE: Who will stand up: Feds Raid Gibson Guitar Factory
Does anyone know how old an instrument has to be to be grandfathered in?

Becky, I completely agree with protecting our resources. I'm pretty sure most people here do. I think the problem is the concept of taking away a musician's used instrument as a way of doing that protection (as in, does it really help any?) and the fact that sufficient documentation is simply not available for tens of thousands of instruments. The system doesn't match how the real world works. I would much rather see a system whereby they would have to prove guilt on a case-by-case basis rather than assuming guilt if there aren't impossible-to-get papers. New instruments are a different story.

It would be best if they would take on the burden of supplying us all with the necessary papers before we travel. Not feasible, of course, but maybe that means we need a different plan altogether. Maybe something as simple as a document that says strict documentation isn't available but it's still OK to carry the guitar around.