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Posted By: Trevor Thomas
19-Aug-11 - 06:09 AM
Thread Name: Tech: iPhone / Android owners playing music
Subject: RE: Tech: iPhone / Android owners playing music
I play a couple of musical instruments. At the back end of last year, I was due for a new phone. I'd previously had a Windows mobile which was perfectly fine. The new version of Windows mobile looked really good, as did Android, and I was happy to get either of them. I was not particularly interested in an iPhone. My thinking was that Apple tends to railroad you into their way of doing things, whereas with the Windows, I was used to being able to customise everything to how I liked it. When the previous iPhones came out they did not do as many things as the Windows ones did.

The week before I went to the phone shop, I changed my mind on the basis of ONE application, which was about seven or eight pounds. It was called iRealBook, and was an application in which you could have chord charts for (mainly jazz) songs. You could create your own, download ones that other people had put together, and it would play back accompaniment for you. You can change the speed of the playback, transpose it (and the chart) easily to any key in a couple of seconds.

There was an iPhone version and an Android version, but the Android version didn't do playback.

Pretty much entirely on the basis of this I got an iPhone. If I hadn't been musical I definitely would have gone for an Android or Windows phone.

Since getting the thing, I've found some other great applications for music including really good chromatic tuners, 'preamp' type programs for processing the sound, a four track recorder, and the 'Amazing Slow Downer' which you can use to halve the speed, but retain the pitch of something that you want to learn, but is too fast to catch.

Perhaps the number of musical applications available predisposes the musician to go with the iPhone to an extent? It certainly was 100% behind my decision.