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Posted By: SteveMansfield
19-Aug-11 - 05:27 AM
Thread Name: Tech: iPhone / Android owners playing music
Subject: Tech: iPhone / Android owners playing music
One of those Silly Season surveys has compiled answers from iPhone and Android users, and come to some startling conclusions about the differences between the two owner groups.

The survey is here and the self-selecting, unverified, and statistical value of it is obviously in need of a large grain of salt. I present it here purely for the entertainment of others.

But the thing that jumped out at me (other than that My Mileage Definitely Varies, because I'm a happy Android owner but should, according to this, probably be on an iPhone) is their finding that iPhone users are 13% more likely to play a musical instruments than Android users.

Whilst avoiding any religious wars please, what does the panel think? To start off my ceilidh band is probably more Android than iPhone (but more importantly, far more VanillaPhone than Smartphone!)