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Posted By: MikeL2
13-Aug-11 - 08:49 AM
Thread Name: BS: high blood pressure
Subject: RE: BS: high blood pressure

I live in the Uk and I don't know much about Us Health provision and even less about Canuk.

Over here I have been on BP medication for several years.

The process here ( free) is the GP (doctor) prescribes medication and reviews it monthly for six months. During this time any changes to medications will be made.

I now attend six-monthly reviews when I have everything checked out. A week before I go I fill out a daily monitor sheet that means I take my BP three times daily - early morning; mid-day and late evening. I take the results with me and first a triage nurse checks my BP. Then if she has any concerns I see the doctor who analises them. He then takes my BP himself and as a result he makes any changes if necessary.

This goes on every year. I have had occasion to take an extra medication and sometimes a stronger dose.

My doc tells me that my BP target is about 140/80 and by and large I achieve this.

As others have said here it does vary at times due to numerous reasons.

The same kind of treatment and review occurs for cholesterol as well.
The reviews are more about checking the the levels are consistent with the Government targets. These have been to constantly reduce the C levels. We are now down to about 4.8.

As I say this is all free. I even can use my free bus pass to get to the surgery !!!