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Posted By: JohnInKansas
13-Aug-11 - 12:48 AM
Thread Name: BS: high blood pressure
Subject: RE: BS: high blood pressure
re - the PDR.

I've kept a reasonably current copy of the PDR close at hand for a couple of decades, but haven't blown the $90 (US) (current last time I looked) for the latest one, because it's not really as essential as previously.

In the US, every prescription dispensed must be accompanied by a "drug fact sheet" that very closely replicates the current PDR information on the drug. Some are in "fine print" that I find convenient to scan so I can "blow them up" on screen, but it is a very good idea to actually read them all carefully and to check new ones when you get a refill or any new prescriiption, because occasionally there are changes.

Online, you can look your drugs up - at, but you may not be aware that there is a "consumer version" and a "physicians version" of the online PDR. If you're relatively unsophisticated you may find the consumer version helpful for its simpler language, but if you really need to know something you'll want to be sure you get it from the "real (Physicians) one."

Although I haven't looked for it on line, there also is a "PDR for Herbal Remedies" if you want information for such things. This one is sparse on recommended uses but is "authoritative" with respect to known side effects and interactions with other drugs - both with other herbals and with pharmaceuticals you may have had prescribed.

In the US, if you actually read the data sheet that comes with each Rx, you should be well informed about what you're taking. If you don't get the data sheet with an Rx and need an alternate source for what it would say, the PDR (Physicians) is the one you want.