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Posted By: gnu
12-Aug-11 - 06:00 PM
Thread Name: BS: high blood pressure
Subject: RE: BS: high blood presure
The doc cut my BP meds in half when I was last in... it was 110/70 at 7:45 AM. I read at various internut sites that "normal" is 90-120/60-80 but he cut the meds. I un-cut the meds when I read 145/89 @ 63bpm at 2:45 PM Aug 7. Took my second pill of the day at 6PM... 94/50 @ 65bpm at 8PM. Does that seem a tad low? Does anybody know?

I wonder. Why did he cut the meds in half? He did it once before and it "didn't work". Seems to me that the reason for the "low" BP (110/70) is because I was an extreme jock when I was a lad. How many 54 year old men have heart rate in the low 60s after years of smoking, overeating, and considering exercise as a good brisk sit with a cup of tea and a smoke... and having the odd ale?

Seriously, anybody have any first hand experience or actual medical knowledge about why 110/70 would be reason to cut the meds in half? Maybe cut them by a third and see what happens? Just seems odd to me. Especially because it didn't work the last time.