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Posted By: JennyO
11-Aug-11 - 12:25 PM
Thread Name: White Horse Folk Fest, Going?
Subject: RE: White Horse Folk Fest, Going?
This reminds me of a comment made by the owner of the B&B we stayed at for Sidmouth - it was a manor house well out of Sidmouth (it was all we could get by the time we booked). We got the distinct impression that he wasn't very happy having festival goers staying there.

He knew it was what we were there for, but that didn't stop him doing a spiel about how genteel Sidmouth is and how he thought it was spoilt by those ruffians who insisted on having a folk festival there. He also expected us to pay up front when we arrived, and when we asked if it would be possible to get a key in case we came back late, he said "Absolutely not. This is a 2 million pound manor house. I don't give out keys." We had to get back soon after midnight each night, otherwise we would have been locked out. One day when we went down for breakfast at 8am because Rob had a 9am workshop, he looked very put out and said he wasn't ready yet. Needless to say, we'll plan ahead a bit earlier and go somewhere else next year, where we won't be regarded with such suspicion and distain. He can give our room to someone more 'genteel' ;)