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Posted By: Jim Carroll
07-Aug-11 - 04:19 AM
Thread Name: BS: Oslo Bombing and Shooting at Youth Camp
Subject: RE: BS: Oslo Bombing and Shooting at Youth Camp
"It seems to be very important to you to believe that he did."
Where have I ever said that and what possible "exploitation" can there be in not taking chances? I might just as well suggest that you are you trying to draw the attention away from the fact that there are racist organisations in Britain and elsewhere that peddle race hatred in order than they can get on with their scheming unmolested.
Don't you dare accuse me of exploiting this situation - it wasn't me who made the link between Brietvik's actions and Muslims.
Nor was it me who suggested that he might have a reason to complain and that the relevant governments should start listening to those complaints - ".....driven over the edge by the policies of the Norwegian government" - a clear enough suggestion, to me at least, that the Norwegian authorities were partly to blame for this massacre.
I don't know one way or the other whether he had accomplices, neither do you, nor does anybody else, and it would be murderously irresponsible to rule out any possibility until we know the situation for certain.
These people are not 'politicos' who only organise themselves to win votes at the next election. They are inciters of hatred who work to draw attention to their particular twisted causes by whatever means possible, and attempt to incite people to act on those causes, whether it be by putting a cross next to their candidate's name at the next election, or by throwing bricks through the windows of your local Asian corner shop.
If the police think it worthwhile following up Ray's claims, and if, as the Daily Telegraph article suggests:
"...fears are growing that terrorism from far-Right extremists is becoming a real threat here", what on earth's your problem in supporting their doing so - are you trying to make political capital of the situation by suggesting that they are not doing their job properly?
I have nowhere suggested that taking a racist threat seriously might "stop the police doing their job", or if I have, where?
You, on the other hand, are suggesting that taking seriously Breitvik's "wake-up" call is a waste of time and resouces - why?
"Who is "Terribus""
He's the miss-spelling of some twerp who seems to want to identify himself with a feudalistic Scots war-cry.... any typo in a storm - what!!
Jim Carroll