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Posted By: JohnInKansas
29-Jul-11 - 02:07 AM
Thread Name: School Songbook Index PermaThread
Subject: Index: Songs of Beta Theta Pi
Probably really stretching the definition of "school book" but in case someone is interested I have a pdf of "Songs of Beta Theta Pi" ©1942. I picked it up as two books, labelled 1954 and 1955, but they're the same book with an "annual cover." I was never a frat rat, and IMO these songs are incredibly boring and mostly pretty maudlin, but I needed to get it out of the bookcase to get some space and it only took a few hours to scan.

The original scan, at "publishing quality" is 289,503 KB and my email won't swallow it to send to anybody. A reduction to "web quality" brought it down to 37,718 KB but I haven't tried it to see if it's "sendable." The "web sized" book should print okay at about 150 dpi. I'm not sure whether my pdf mangler will let me go any smaller.

I also have an individual file of each of the 101 songs, plus a TOC and an Index, but even those (web quality) are big enough that they'd have to sent in individual emails to gain much on the bandwidth barrier. One at 2 MB, the others smaller but average probably near 1 MB.

The Table of Contents only shows 4 songs, so I guess they just weren't much on keeping up to date.

The Index is a little better:

Songs of Beta Theta Pi

All's Well With Sigma Rho (Ragan)
Alpha Eta Song
Alpha Marching Song (Brown)
Alpha Omega Song (Moseley)
Alpha Zeta Song (Blakeslee)
Alternate Doxology (Tunison—Lozier)
As Betas Now We Meet (Coulter)
At the Beta Shrine (Williams)
Banquet Song (Seaman)
Beta Alpha Coming-in Song (Cahall)
Beta Alpha Marching Song (Cahall)
Beta And Idaho (Sower) . Beta Days (Byrd—Ganiard)
Beta Doxology (Tunison)
Beta Friendship (Babcock)
Beta Sires And Beta Sons (Lozier)
Beta Sweetheart (Warner)
Beta, We Praise Thee (Williams)
Beta Theta Marching Song (Ford)
Beta Theta Pi
Betas Of Long Ago (Edwards)
Beta's Bonds (Black)
Beta's Emblems (Brooks)
Chi Chapter March (Fifield)
Clan Wooglin Marches (H. Lozier)
Duke And Beta (Shepard)
Fair, Fair Beta (Moore)
Fathers To Sons (Babcock)
Fires Of True Friendship (Sower)
From Classic Halls (Norton)
Gamma Beta Chapter Song (Smith)
Good Beta's Sing Forever (Foss)
Hymn Of Alpha (Swan)
In Beta Theta Pi
In Old Chi (Leach)
In The Old Porch Chairs (H. Lozier)
Lambda Banquet Song -(Gregory)
Lambda Chapter Song (Dunn)
Lambda Kappa Song (Varnes)
Lambda Rho Chapter Song (Stapp)
Let All Stand Together
Marching Along (Rogers)
Marching Along (Arr : Stammer)
Memento Amare
Militant Beta
Mu Epsilon (Keeler)
My Beta Dad And I (Shepardson—Ebaugh)
My Beta Girl (Gabele—Edgar)
Nu Chapter Song
Old Beta's Praise (Rogers)
Omega's Hymn (Wheeler)
Our Founders (Williamson)
Parting Song (Adams)
Phi Chi Banquet Song (Havens)
Phi Chi Marching Song (Baker)
Pledge To Beta Theta Pi
Praise To Our Order (Wilson)
Serenade Song
She Wears My Beta Pin (H. Lozier) 10S
Singing To Wooglin (Louer)
Song Of Beta Gamma (MacNeil)
Song Of The Greeks
Song Of Theta Zeta (Stuart)
Song To The Scarlet (Ragan)
Sons Of The Stars (Shepardson—Strickling)
The Alumni's Return (Seaman)
The Banquet Hall (H. Lozier)
The Beta Chorus (Rogers)
The Beta Dragon (Sisson)
The Beta Grip (Eversz)
The Beta Marseillaise (Scott)
The Beta Postscript (H. Lozier)
The Beta Shrine (Hatfield)
The Beta Stars (Rogers)
The Boys Of Alpha Pi (Pyre)
The Boys Of Thirty Nine (Merwin)
The Chapter Meeting (Sprague)
The Circle Of Phi (Mumford)
The Crow Song (Smith)
The Jolly Greeks (Ward)
The Land Of Canine (Rogers)
The Loving Cup (H. Lozier)
The Old Chapter Hall (Hooper)
The Parting Pledge (Moore)
The Psi Song (Ferguson)
The Response (Lozier)
The Scarlet—Tau Chapter (Ragan)
The Sons Of The Dragon (Rogers)
The Three Stars (Hatfield)
There's A Scene (Stillson)
Through The Centuries (Ragan)
Toast To Beta (Kirkham)
To The Pledge (Rogers)
Under Western Skies (Tewinkle)
We Gather Again (Lozier)
We'll Always Hang Together (Hughes)
We'll Toast The Silver Grays (Lozier)
Wooglin's Christmas Song (Walker)
Wooglin Forever (Ransom)
Wooglin To The Pledge (H. Lozier)
Wooglin's Ode (Dunn)

Most songs are 4-part scores. Perhaps a half dozen of the titles are text only.

If anybody's really interested, PM an email addy and I can try to send any song you want. I could even try to send the smaller version of the whole book, although I think succes odds are pretty marginal.

(I really can't see why anybody would want any of them: as I said - I wasn't a fratboy so maybe I just don't understand.)

(I have no idea what schools BTP was ever at. Maybe somebody feels like looking them up.)