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Posted By: Teribus
27-Jul-11 - 10:16 AM
Thread Name: BS: Oslo Bombing and Shooting at Youth Camp
Subject: RE: BS: Oslo Bombing and Shooting at Youth Camp
"On radio Glen Beck said "The kids in Norway at that political camp reminds me of the Hitler Youth, who does that? Thats disturbing." (Beck)

How can this man get it backwards everytime. - (Donuel)

Oddly enough Norwegians listening to the news reports on BBC World News actually made comments about this.

I believe the BBC described the Camp on Ut°ya as being a "Youth Labour Camp"

One of the Norwegians on hearing this said, "That sounds terrible put that way it sounds like Nazi Germany in the 1930's, I hope people realise what sort of camp it really is and what sort of organisation was running this week-end rally."

So I don't think he (Beck) was that far off but it was a comment he should not have broadcast. Youth political organisations are all a bit suspect and should be viewed with great scepticism.

"I am an immigrant jerkwad." - Jack the Sailor

Question for you Jack are you a legal immigrant jerkwad, or illegal immigrant jerkwad, living in the US of A as you do having moved South from Canada?

Figures for legal immigrants to US compared to figures or estimates of illegals in the country? I still say that the illegals figure will far and away be greater than the figure for legals. Now tell me why any other country's statistics should be any different?

Some more figures for you. A bit out of date (2007) but indicative none the less:

- Immigrants in Oslo who registered their religion as being Muslim was about 7.5%

- Actual percentage of the immigrant community in Oslo who were muslim but who had not registered their religion was just over 11%.

Translate that to todays figures about 90,000 registered uplifted by a factor of 1.47 gives you? 132,300 so not too far short of the 150,000 stated by the guy I heard being interviewed on it.

Unless you can come up with a way to explain why someone who did not register his religion in 2007 suddenly wants to do so now for both himself and his family? So that you have a disparity in 2007 yet come 2011 you do not - it does not make sense.

Akenaton is right:

"Being against unrestricted immigration has nothing to do with hatred."

Breivik attacked the Governing Political Party, infrastructure (Government Offices) and their organisation (Youth Organistaion - the latter in the hope that he would kill a prominent Member of the Arbeiderpartiet Gor Harlem Bruntland), who he blamed for unrestricted immigration into Norway he did not attack any group based on their race, colour or religion.

Yet to hear anybody come up with an explanation why Ansar al-Jihad al-Alami claimed the Oslo Bombing? Or is it that something that those discussing these attacks just wish to have conveniently ignored? Why did they want everybody to believe that they had done it? To stoke up racial tension perhaps? And yet they cannot be accused of being racist - ridiculous.

Looking round various countries the following seems to be the pattern:

- In areas with little contact with immigrants there will be higher opposition in principle to immigration

- In areas of higher unemployment there will be higher opposition to immigration

The first is lack of knowledge, the second is economic nothing to do with hatred of race, colour or religion.