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Posted By: akenaton
27-Jul-11 - 08:43 AM
Thread Name: BS: Oslo Bombing and Shooting at Youth Camp
Subject: RE: BS: Oslo Bombing and Shooting at Youth Camp
"I think giving credence to this man`s hatred of a particular religious group is achieving exactly the outcome he wanted.

He represents a tiny group of extreme rightwingers (not so many of them in Norway) and to somehow make Muslims responsible for this atrocity is very manipulative.

A better way would be for all of us to look at our own bigotries towards any group and think how dangerous those feelings can be when they turn into generic hatred."

How can anyone take this view? This guy is obviously mad,and his actions inexcusible, but it seems clear that his rage was directed towards governments which operate an "open door" policy to immigration.
Most Western governments are presently being forced to start closing the door as the idiocy of this policy becomes apparent.

Being against unrestricted immigration has nothing to do with hatred.