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Posted By: Donuel
26-Jul-11 - 12:10 AM
Thread Name: BS: Oslo Bombing and Shooting at Youth Camp
Subject: RE: BS: Oslo Bombing and Shooting at Youth Camp
When you gather a bunch of repressed men with xenophobic tendancies and love the allure of secret societies that hold guns sacred, you get Right Wing militias who know they are always right. They will fight for thier right to show the world how right they are. That usually requires acts of horrific destruction. Remember they don;t have tools, they have guns.

It is the same old story and evolution of madmen like Hitler and his cronies.

Scandanavia has its share of dark hearted fascism under the banner of Nationalism. Its been that way for a long time. The propoganda we here is about a democratic utopia, but people being irrational, thereis a dystopia lurking in the crevices of Scandanavia.

What is odd here is that that they did not target the Muslim "invaders" but instead, the children of the Democratic party.
I guess they a thought a forward thinking plan to rid Norway of liberals in the future was preferable to killing Muslims.