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Posted By: GUEST,Jayne Lloyd Guitar Teacher
13-Jul-11 - 01:52 PM
Thread Name: Elixir Guitar Strings
Subject: RE: Elixir Guitar Strings
I use Elixir strings - they are a bit 'thuddy' sounding but they don't deteriorate from that point until the coating either peels away (nanoweb) or they become hairy (polyweb). I buy them in bulk and pay around 10 a set - they last two to three months with me playing them around 5 - 7 hours daily (so approximately 300 hours).

D'addarios appear to be very shoddily annealed in the production winding and process and, coated or not, they are extremely brittle and cannot cope with the 'hammering' I have to give them - they last 3 -5 days, usually with the 'G' and the 'D' snapping in the first few hours.

I buy Exlxir 12's and supplement the D nd G strings with slightly heavier guages. I've used 13's for DADGAD and other tunings - the 13's work well on a low 'F' tuning I use a lot.

I loved Martin SP's but now only use them in studio - my playing has changed and I squeak when I use them.

All the electric have Ernie Balls - Elixirs are no good for them.

Verdict: For my style of playing and the amount of hours I play Elixir's are the only alternative I've tried the others and they don't cut it for me.