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Posted By: Jim Carroll
07-Jul-11 - 04:55 PM
Thread Name: Do purists really exist?
Subject: RE: Do purists really exist?
Surely you perform what turns you on and what you believe is worth passing on. If you do it well enough you can only hope that you get an audience for it, but you can't guarantee that.
You certainly don't say 'nope, that's not working; let's try something else.
I believe/d that folk music was entertaining, satisfying, interesting and extremely important and worth trying to pass on - it worked while our club was running; we got an audience and we had some memorable and extremely enjoyable nights.
We didn't restrict our selves just to folk/traditional songs (two different aspects of the same genre, folk = people who gave us the songs, traditional = process that created, re-created and disseminated them), but we worked on the basis that new songs could be made using the old model (happy to go into detail).
What we didn't do was abandon the basis of our objective and take in material that was pop/classical/music hall, not necessarily because we didn't like them, but because it's not what we set out to do.
It was never about bums on seats - I've never received a penny in payment in my life as a performer, club organiser or even album producer.
Plenty of explanations (that satisfy me anyway) as to what I believe folk to be - Lloyd's 'Folk Song in England', Buchan's 'The Ballad and the Folk, Well's 'The Ballad Tree - or colloections like The Penguin Book of English Folk Song, The Greig Duncan Folk Song Collection, Bronson, Child..... must have a few hundred on our shelves to choose from.
If you want to hear the songs, 'Folk Songs of Britain' (12 albums), Songs of the People (20 albums) Joe Heaney, Sam Larner, Harry Cox, Jeannie Robertson..... long, long list.
You continue to use the word purist - perhaps you might explain what you mean, and let's see whether you have been listening.
And perhaps, if you think our 'purist' ideas are wrong put us right and give us your definition?
Jim Carroll