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Posted By: Little Hawk
28-Jun-11 - 12:16 PM
Thread Name: BS: Created in the image of God
Subject: RE: BS: Created in the image of God
Well, Gs, I don't take anyone else's word for stuff like that...I reason it out for myself. The Bible is someone else's word on the matter, namely, whoever it was that wrote that particular passage. I know perfectly well that some human being wrote down that original passage, and he was expressing his own thoughts on the matter. Now...200 generations of Christians can say that he was "inspired by God" when he wrote it down, but all they are doing is repeating something they heard someone else other words, they're taking someone else's word for it. ;-) I don't do that.

My best guess is that the old fella (some ancient Hebrew) was quite sincere, and he wrote down what he thought was right...and he may even have thought that God (Jehovah) was inspiring him directly to do so...and he may even have been right about that! But who am I to say? He may also not have been right.

So I reason it out myself. I don't define God the way he would have anyway, I don't see God as "Jehovah", and I don't see God as a heavenly Hebrew patriarchal figure of some sort. I see God as an inner presence in everything.

So I figure that if there is a factor in the Universe which we can term "God" that it reveals itself not just through a single lifeform, humanity, but through all lifeforms...and through all other phenomena as well, meaning it's omnipresent.

That's my theory. It's not my doctrine, it's my theory. I require no one else to obey it, believe it or to join some order which asserts it. I merely state it because it's my theory.