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Posted By: Donuel
28-Jun-11 - 07:12 AM
Thread Name: BS: Created in the image of God
Subject: BS: Created in the image of God
Physicists warn that the quantum aspects of our universe makes common sense comparisons of the multiverse to human experiences a fools game.

However if we view GOD as the universe and Man as being created in the image of God, how many similarites does Woman/Man have in common with the Universe at large?

Expansion of the Universe/Man: from the nearly invisible fertilized egg resulting from the big bang, man grows and expands rapidly. By middle age this expansion can accelerate and grow huge.

String theorists suggest that we have 10 dimensions. Hold up both your hands! Molecules can express themselves as either right handed or left handed mirror images of the same ingredients. Life prefers only one of these moleculer expressions, guess which handedness life uses.

As part of the universe made of actual stardust produced in nova and hyper nova stars, dust to dust, we mirror the universe in more ways than our imagination may allow. We obey the same fractal laws, weak strong and gravity forces and perhaps the same laws of consciousness.

If you look at the newest pictures of our universe and interpret the blue cooler areas as protuberences which may or may not be atracted toward other subspace universes, the universe has an organic shape.

SETI has not proven other life communicating with Earth but theya re using analog radio signals when the other races in space are digitally texting.

IF our universe can spawn another baby universe, the new born moves into its own space and eventually when it gorws ulder, never calls and only interacts weakly through gravity when it needs money.

I need some more compariosns... ? !