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Posted By: GUEST,its1110
24-Jun-11 - 02:26 PM
Thread Name: Help: Feiten system, anyone?
Subject: RE: Help: Feiten system, anyone?

But our whole tuning system in these modren days is a compromise. It was designed for piano, in the main, to "play the same in all keys".

Ever since, there has been the thorn of the equal temperament not being pleasing to folks playing instruments that produce notes truly, solidly built on the instrument's natural harmonics... woodwinds, brass, what have you.

You've got it a bit more flexible on the guitar (and others) ... you can bend your notes... a piano player can't do that. When you've got a keyboard in the combo then everything is tied to that fixed-pitch instrument.

It is not unheard of for multiple piano's, with different tunings, being supplied for classical concerts where music from different periods in different keys will be played; so as to reproduce the composers original intent accurately.

All a compromise so that the piano could play "the same" in any key w/ only 12 notes defines every piece of (standard) music today.   ....

In the days before our modren temperament was settled upon each key _did_ sound different and have a different feel. Certain keys being "friendly" to certain instruments has to do with squeezing them to match the piano. (And of course that some keys are just a pain for certain instruments due to their harmonic series.)