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Posted By: GUEST,Warren James
22-Jun-11 - 04:39 PM
Thread Name: What If Lonnie Donegan had not existed?
Subject: RE: What If Lonnie Donegan had not existed?
I was born in 1982 and was 13 when my grand-dad got his first CD player and one CD that contained various artistes from the 60s and there were 2 Lonnie Donegan songs... Dustman and Have a Drink on Me. I heard the Banjo on Have a Drink and that was it, i wanted that instrument and to make that sound. The singers voice was so fluid, clear, excitable with a country range that spoke to me... I loved the solo on guitar and everything about it!!!

That was it, I got more... more tracks, more CD's and the more I listened the more I got excited by this performers energy, to me in 1994 he was modern, his blues was modern! I had to have a guitar, then I got the Putting On The Donegan VHS that was released and i got my first glimps at this black and white performer making Elvis look relaxed! I had to get a guitar! I sat staring at the screen trying to work out the chord shapes. The I progressed and bought an Electric guitar and found this Lonnie guy had worked with Albert Lee... then I had to play like Albert and I think i developed my own style very well.

I left school in 1999 and i went pro as a musician performing with Paul Leegan & The Legends who by all intent the longest running tribute to Lonnie Donegan blending his songs with the modern day. I've toured every theatre in the UK in the last 10 years with the Lonnie Donegan tribute or the Johnny Cash Story. I've performed at The Grand Order of Water Rats and just recently performed to a great attended Liverpool Empire where Lonnie once performed with John, Paul, George and Ringo in the audience.

So the question is... What if Lonnie had not existed?

Well I wouldn't have had the pleasure of doing what I do and what I continue to do; keeping all this old music alive and respecting it for what it is - wonderfull!!

I wouldn't be making and recreating the music that made so many people happy and continues to do so.

I wouldn't be helping to keep the names of these performers just that little bit further forward in the minds of the people who made them and in some cases have forgotten them.

I met Lonnie so many times and I thought he was incredible as a performer and lovely as a man (others may differ but I speak as I find). I thank him for his teachings and i thank all those who went before me, musicians are a brotherhood a fraternity of their own - the good ones create lessons and teachings which get passed on through generations and will always be heard hidden away somewhere in future music... strip away the distortion of the Sex pistols and there is Eddie Cochran who was Sid Vicious' hero...

GOD BLESS LONNIE DONEGAN for as we all know in the UK ALL ROADS LEAD TO LON... prior too him they have many paths that go in many directions... he pulled them together just long enough to spark the gas!!!