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Posted By: The Sandman
21-Jun-11 - 08:50 AM
Thread Name: Peter Kennedy's Folktrax recordings
Subject: RE: Peter Kennedy's Folktrax recordings
I have never done it.
furthermore there is a difference between recording it for oneself and putting it up on folktrax[another label] without permission for whatever reason be it commercial or for others to study privately, permission has to ber asked first that is the Law, it is illegal and immoral if you cannot see that you are either extremely thickor immoral
the reasons why I have never done it are ,1. i cant be arsed, 2. I would rather buy a recording from an artist at a gig, because as a gigging artist Iknow how important record sales are.
Martin, its simple, do unto others as you would have others do unto you.
Kennedy, bootlegged a recording of mine without my permission, fact, he didnt just keep it in his home he advertised it on his folktrax catalogue, making it available to the public without my permission, without my permission WITHOUT MY PERMISSION, do you understand what I am saying, is that clear.
is it ok Martin for me without your permission to do that to you[ that is put a track up on another label and into the public domain and me giving permission as to who should listen to it.,
yes, I know private study:that involves the public getting permission from Kennedy to listen to it ]
how dare Kennedy have the cheek to grant permission for anyone to listen to my arrangement, without having asked me first.
kennedy clearly thought he owned the song.he never even collected it.