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Posted By: Jerry Rasmussen
12-Jun-11 - 04:03 PM
Thread Name: Urban Folk Music of the 1960s
Subject: RE: Urban Folk Music of the 1960s
Hey, Steve (or anyone else who is reading this thread, but not contributing): It would be intresting to do a time line of the '60's. When I first started going to the Gaslight Cafe in the winter of '60 - '61, Dave Van Ronk had just released his first lp on Folkways, Tom Paxton had not yet released his first album, which came out on the Gaslight label (I still have my copy,) and Peter, Paul and Mary were not a group, and Paul was Noel.

By 1962, everything was changing. Instead of being able to nurse a cup of coffee for two hours at the Gaslight with no coverage charge, performers were doing "shows," and they cleared the place after each show, with a separate cover charge for each show.

I wasn't active much after the summer of 1964 when I moved to Connecticut, but by the mid and late '60's, the scene was very different than the no-cover, nurse-a-cup-of-coffee-all-night early '60's. I'm not sure what the timing was, but Peter, Paul and Mary had their first top 40 hit in 1962, and Dylan's first top 40 hit came in 1965. Everything was moving at a whirlwind pace. Peter, Paul and Mary had their last top 40 hit in 1969. In 1964, the Beatles had their first hit, I Want to Hold Your Hand, and folk was edlectric by 1965 when the Byrds had their first top 40 hit.

When you talk about urban folk music in the '60's, you almost have to ask "Which '60's?" It seems like there were at least hree different "60's."

How about some comments by all you mudcat grazers? I'm enjoying talking with Steve, but there's plenty of room around the old kitchen table. :-)