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Posted By: GUEST,Eliza
29-May-11 - 05:02 AM
Thread Name: BS: UK immigration too high?
Subject: RE: BS: UK immigration too high?
Just to say that my husband entered the UK legitimately from Ivory Coast. We had to spend a fortune on Marriage Visa Application, flights to the UK Embassy in Ghana (none in Ivory Coast), fund an Appeal in London due to a simple error in Ghana, which was successful but cost even more money (over 1000). We then had to obtain a Further Leave to Remain biometric card, involving a journey to Cambridge, more money for the FLR Application. In December, we'll need to find OVER 1000 again!!! for his Indefinite Leave to Remain (Settlement) He's paid also for the Life in the UK Test (which is very difficult, even I couldn't answer all the questions!) and passed it. To finally obtain Citizenship and the right to a UK Passport, he'll have to pay more huge amounts of money, and my Bank Account, finances, assets, etc will be scrutinised. He is not entitled to a PENNY of Public Funds, (It says so on his Biometric Identity Card) no Jobseeker's Allowance, nothing. He IS permitted to work, but would pay full Tax and National Insurance. I have to be prepared to keep him on my Pension, with no Tax Relief for this. We will not be having any children to be a burden on the State (too old!) So far, he's only had a bit of work picking up stones in a paddock for a few hours, nobody else would do it so he got the job. I'm telling you all this to point out that SOME immigrants have struggled, waited, and paid a great deal of money to come here, do not cost the State anything and are an asset. My husband does Voluntary work for the church here, and helps many elderly neighbours with small jobs for no money. So far, he's met with only kindness and a big welcome from all. He will make (IMO, biased of course!) an excellent Citizen, and he adores Great Britain.