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Posted By: Little Hawk
10-Oct-00 - 12:11 AM
Thread Name: Limericks, anyone? [5]
Subject: RE: Limericks, anyone?
I am deeply offended at the general thrust this thread has taken. Indeed, I am appalled!

There I was, innocently launching a thread about limericks, expecting to get limericks about sensitive, meaningful, and relevant horse racing, caligraphy, stamp collecting, and solipsism....and what do I get? Endless drivel about Spaw's oversized pecker!!!

It's an outrage.

I hope you are all suitably ashamed of yourselves.

I am going to get this limerick thread back on a tasteful basis right now.


There once was a fellow named Bill
Who ate an atomical pill
His navel corroded
His rectum exploded
They found his left nut in Brazil

There. That's much better.