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Posted By: Willie-O
09-Oct-00 - 08:59 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req/Add: Otago (Graeme Miles)
Subject: RE: Lyric Req; Somewhere in Ottago
I thought "Farewell to the Gold" was by Nic Jones. Guess I was mistaken?

The plot of the Martyn W-R song, if I'm thinking of the right one, doesn't mention London. I always assumed it was set in Australia.

I worked with Sam, I knew him well
He was handy with a shovel
Never ever knkown to shirk his work,
Seldom out of trouble.
And when the gaffer called him names
They would nigh on come to blows

He told me that he'd been to sea,
Some years ago when younger
New Zealand was the place for him,
Somewhere near Otago.
He drank his Woodbine and sup his ale
With no thought for tomorrow
But still old Sam finally found a way
To go back to Otago.

A letter I received from him
The only one he wrote me
He said "The beer here is no great guns,
But the climate sure does suit me.
I've met a lass of Maori blood,
She'll be good for me, I know"
I bet he's lyin in the sun
Somewhere near Otago.

Not very accurate transcription from memory--is that the song you mean? Got it on a tape...somewhere near my living room.