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Posted By: bbelle
07-Oct-00 - 09:50 PM
Thread Name: Limericks, anyone? [5]
Subject: RE: Limericks, anyone?
Oh, hespy, you are BAAAAD, in a GOOOD way!

I shall take my responsibility as an Honourary Orillian quite seriously and shall uphold the standards, such as they are, with the utmost care.

I shall don my mail and fight the good fight, in the name of Orillia.

To see that all 69 donut shops are fully stocked with Tim Horton donuts and coffee and that the local constabulary is kept well-fed and to fat to run after anyone ...

To see that the lock on the Orillia Municipal Porta-potty is kept with key and the hinges well greased ...

To visit every truckstop to gather up all "Half-Dead-Ted" cds and tapes, so as to not cause a blight on the good Orillia name ...

I shall promise and cross my heart with my living bra to become a semi-permanent fixture at Don's Coffeehouse ...

And, last but not least, I shall attend song circle every Monday night, if only in spirit, and if only to carry the many harps of the one called Little Hawk and the geetar of the one called flattop who only changes one string-at-a-time every six months.

moonjen lowly new member of the Orillia non-clickety-clack-cleek