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Posted By: Tyke
27-Apr-11 - 08:53 PM
Thread Name: Holmfirth Festival of Folk 6-8 may 2011
Subject: RE: Holmfirth Festival of Folk 6-8 may 2011
Hang about it not up to me to keep a thread alive I have let nothing die Chris. What i can't understand is how after all these years you still can't do a Blue Cliky. The only thing I can come up with is that you think that it is a difficult thing to do. It's not it's Simples, I'm not having a go at you Chris, I know you have many other talents. So just follow these instructions.

1st Go to the Holmfirth Festival of Folk Website then turn it's full web address Blue by clicking and still holding down the Right Mouse Button drag over it.
2nd then press Ctrl and C keys together. This copy's the address.
DO NOT PRESS THE DELEAT KEY or you will replace what you have copied with what you have deleated.
3rd Open up the Mudcat and the thread you want to put you blue clicky.
4th Type in what you want to say when you get to the place in your Reply to Thread Click on the Blue Make a link ("blue clicky") which at the bottom right below the Repl to Thread Box.
5th This will open up a second window click on the Link ULR box and then Press Ctrl and v keys together this will paste they ULR into the box.
6th I you wish type the name of where the link will take you.
7th Then Click Create Link.
8th At the top of this page it says Cut and paste you can do that it's how we started but this time you highlight (Drag over with you Right Mouse Button held down) Then Press Ctrl and c keys down together (copy's highlighted). What you should have is the HTML Code that starts < and ends with >.
9th Paste this into your reply (Ctrl and v keys together)
10 If you want to you can check the preview box then submit message and you get a final preview so you can check it's OK.
11 If it is then Submit Message without the Preview box checked.

The Holmfirth Festival of Folk SIMPLES!