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Posted By: Genie
22-Apr-11 - 11:02 PM
Thread Name: New Mudcat CDs Phase 2 Pre-Production
Subject: RE: New Mudcat CDs Phase 2 Pre-Production
What Amos said.

And, Barrie, I think the idea of having more detailed liner notes, including lyrics, in a digital form is an excellent one. We have those for the earlier Mudcat CDs - the Blue Plate Specials, for which Amos worked his butt off* -- but unfortunately the liner notes were completed (to the extent that they have been) after the CDs were burned (or whatever you call the mfg. process) and shipped, so most people who bought the CDs have no way of connecting the CDs with their liner notes unless they follow the Mudcat forum regularly.
If the CDs themselves have a digital connection to the liner notes, I think that will solve a lto of problems.   It also will mean that liner note corrections can be made after the fact, if needed.

Links to the digital files are great. But given the somewhat transient nature of these here "internets," I think it's also advisable for people to print out the more detailed liner notes so they have a hard copy.   Links have a way of becoming defunct or getting lost.