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Posted By: Bat Goddess
22-Apr-11 - 07:58 AM
Thread Name: BS: Curmudgeon: Health Update
Subject: BS: Curmudgeon: Health Update
Tom is halfway to Boston on the Downeaster for a minor procedure in Dr. Zeitels' office which will be done under local anesthetic. Dr. Z found a "spot" near Tom's vocal folds and Dr. Z leaves no spot behind. He doubts that it is cancer, but its presence offends him, so it goes.

We can't afford two round trips to Boston, so I saw him off on the train and will pick him up upon his return, but in between I'll be at work. This past week my hours were cut from 35 to 27 (yes, believe it or not, that's still "full time") and, because of Tom's recent vision problems, he can neither drive nor work.

More on his vision problems: Tom's been having a sporadic problem with glare that has kept him from driving, day or night, for the past several months. He also has sporadic problems seeing anything on a computer screen. So....that eliminates him from working on any projects at the test factory as well as his inability to drive to and from work. Two weeks ago his vision was thoroughly tested, etc. and ONE of his problems is dry eyes, so he has four-times-a-day drops plus a night time cream that helps...up to a point.

Wednesday he has a slew of tests and saw the "problem" guy at the ophthalmic office to figure out what other factors are contributing to his vision problems. Verdict: vascular; he's not getting enough blood to his eyeballs.

So...back in his vascular guy's court. That doctor had been trying to set Tom up with a colleague at Mass General, who ordered more tests (which Tom would prefer to have done locally instead of in Boston), but has not been returning Tom's phone calls. So now we're awaiting a call from the (local) vascular guy's office setting up another exam.

Arghh! If it's not one thing, it's another.

Meanwhile, what's with this weather?!? Why won't it warm up?!? Why do we have to bring in a bunch more firewood after Tom gets home and before the Press Room session because tomorrow is going to RAIN besides being COLD?!?

Happy Easter, everyone!