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Posted By: Richard from Liverpool
15-Apr-11 - 04:43 PM
Thread Name: A Liverpool Folk Song a Week
Subject: A Liverpool Folk Song a Week
Yeah, I know, it's hardly an original idea! But inspired by Jon Boden's A Folk Song a Day and John Thompson's An Australian Folk Song a Day, I've decided to start my own project: A Liverpool Folk Song a Week

I do apologise for ripping off an excellent idea that's been very well executed by other people, but I was a keen follower of what Jon Boden was singing, and when I saw the Australian Folk Song A Day project born in its wake it got me thinking: could you do the same with songs connected to Liverpool?

I'm just going for a weekly song rather than a daily song, because I don't want to drive myself mad, but the idea is to try and sing 52 Liverpool folk songs: one for every week of the year. I'm going to try and put up a good spread of songs - sea songs, 19th century broadside ballads, songs from the folk revival, some recently written songs, children's songs, football songs, etc. The first couple that I'm putting up are quite well known, but other songs I plan on posting should be a bit more off the beaten track.

You can find the project at

It's early days - I'm only on week 2, and so far I've recorded The Orange and the Green and Blood Red Roses.

As I say on the site, please bear in mind that I don't have any pretentions to having a great voice or providing professional level recordings. All of the recordings are going to be unaccompanied and straight through a mic into a minidisc player in my house. I'm just doing this for fun, out of love for my city, and with the hope that people will hear the songs and learn them.