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Posted By: JohnInKansas
25-Mar-11 - 03:00 AM
Thread Name: BS: Where do all the pens go?
Subject: RE: BS: Where do all the pens go?
I just checked, and my pen is in my pocket, where I've kept it since I got it as a "freebie" at a company Xmas party in 1965. (In the pocket of whatever shirt I have on. I have changed shirts a couple of times.)

I also have several mechanical pencils, all in good working order, some of which I have used with fair regularity since ca. 1954. (One 9H, 1956, has the original lead in it. A 9H lead doesn't wear down very fast.)

Inspection shows that my pen writes just as it did yesterday.

On the other hand, when one lives with a proofer/editor, only RED pens always disappear within 42.11 seconds of being removed from the package. "She" claims never to have had one, and always to need one; but she's never able to find the shelf where the packages are kept in order that she may get her own whenever a need arises - or perhaps she hasn't learned how to open the box and only pretends that she needs me to get her another one.

Blue pens are relatively safe, as tradition demands that the "blue edits" be done with a pencil. I therefor avoid ever having a blue pencil in my possesion, as I know I would feel great sorrow if said pencil mysteriously disappeared in imitation of all my many red pens. Having lost so many red pens, their frivolous disappearnces have caused me to lose the respect in which I held them many years ago, so the loss is expected and borne with only brief depression meriting a mere "spot of the Jack" in consolation when another takes off.

And yes, another of my red pens left me two days ago and hasn't been seen since. If I had a desk with a drawer I'd move Jack to the drawer to keep him handy. Maybe I'll just stuff him under the table by my chair.