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Posted By: Stilly River Sage
12-Mar-11 - 01:56 AM
Thread Name: Worst Movie ever
Subject: RE: Worst Movie ever
When my kids were old enough to appreciate some good movies I started having evenings when we'd watch together. This happened after I brought home an undubbed version of Blazing Saddles. They thought it was so funny, and were so pleased that I wasn't making them watch the tv version, that we kept watching uncut movies after that.

The first planned time this happened was on an inspiration - I bought the Chicken Run DVD to try in our new player. They thought it was good, but I realized they should understand more about it. I taped Stalag 17 next time it was on TCM and one evening we watched that. They fussed about the black and white and all the talk, but when Peter Graves got their attention they were fascinated how the story evolved around his nasty character. Anyway, they stayed with it, enjoyed it, and as soon as it was over I popped Chicken Run into the player. You should have seen their eyes open wide as that movie they'd watched as a simple comedy/drama a couple of weeks earlier suddenly took on great significance as the opening scene zeros down on the chicken house - number 17. Another escape.

From then on, they knew that there was more to movies than the basic story. I will confess that when we watched 2001: A Space Odyssey, there were scenes (later on, that wierd living room aging episode) where they were practically howling in protest.

I was surprised last fall when my college freshman son asked to borrow my copy of 2001. I told him he could probably find it in his college library, but he said wanted a copy to keep. He got it for xmas. It took a number of years for it to sink in, and clearly the things he agonized about as a child stuck with him and he thought about them.

The stupidist movie my daughter and I watched together, a couple of years ago, was Mama Mia. Pierce Brosnan should have been dubbed, and the cast should have been clubbed for agreeing to do a story with such a stupid plot.