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Posted By: Steve in Sidmouth
06-Mar-11 - 03:51 PM
Thread Name: Sidmouth Ripoff!
Subject: RE: Sidmouth Ripoff!
I can assure you any posts from me are under my name - I have however found both the recent threads quite interesting. Strip out the usual raft of dismal, silly and pointless comments and there are some good ideas for debate.

I attend so many dance events that I get to hear a wide range of comments about Sidmouth (mainly how LUCKY I am to live here!) and these often influence my own views.

For what it is worth, IVFDF was mentioned somewhere recently (this thread or the other one?) - it was indeed well worth attending. The ceilidh with The Molecatchers and Tony Slinger calling (both were new to me) was simply fabulous. Lots of young women to dance with (most of them superb dancers too), adequate space in which to dance, wonderful music (and not at all too loud, just perfect) and excellent calling. I made a point to go up to the band and caller and tell how fantastic I thought they had been - so I do give out praise when it is due!

I thought on the long drive home - if only Sidmouth FolkWeek could host ceilidhs like that!! The Survivors' ceilidh at IVFDF was almost as good - great music, not too loud, good dancers, enough space, mainly good calling.

I avoided the Tickled Pink event completely - they are always too loud. Mind you, they were in Exeter recently and the first half was really very good - and bearable without earplugs. But the second half was true TP - so bloody loud that you wanted to get away from the speakers even with ear plugs in. I asked some youngsters afterwards - do you like it so loud? Oh yes they said, it was GREAT but "my ears are ringing".

So there you are - possible permanent hearing damage and all because ego-inflated nonentities are in charge of the sound desk. IS ANYONE LISTENING ABOUT THE SOUND LEVELS AT SIDMOUTH OR ARE YOU ALL DEAF??

A bit off topic I know, but nobody is listening anyway.