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Posted By: The Fooles Troupe
25-Feb-11 - 05:04 PM
Thread Name: getting started with tin whistle
Subject: RE: getting started with tin whistle
"C Recorder and whistle are a good combination. The fingerings are so much alike."

Ahhhh... well ALL whistle/recorders have related fingering.

The 'tin' whistle style with 6 holes in front (and the tabor pipe which has only 3 holes and played one handed) and sometimes a 7th hole on the back for the thumb is mainly diatonic (the normal 8 notes of the scale) - ie has a 'home key'. You can get other keys from it with some work (half holing and cross fingering). It is often called a 'transposing instrument, cause if you have a C whistle (made in the key of C) you can play sight reading from a tune in C written on the staff notation. Now if you take a whistle in any other key , eg D, and play from the same printed music in the key of C using the same fingerings, you will actually play in the key of D. This is why recorders which come in C & F tunings thru the whole family, have different fingerings for the same pitched notes as heard.

The 'early recorder' (think King Henry VIII) is basically almost identical to the whistle, and was diatonic.

Now the 'modern recorder' as reinvented, is actually chromatic - plays all 12 semitone notes in a scale. Thus it needs different fingering, as it has need of more holes in different places to get all the 12 notes.

Clear as mud? ....