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Posted By: mg
06-Feb-11 - 11:36 PM
Thread Name: Princeton BC 4th Trad Music Festival 2011
Subject: RE: Princeton BC 4th Trad Music Festival
Do you have or are you interested in having a blue book policy? Sometimes they are fine but sometimes people prefer to go away to another area and sing without them? Always they are fine and anyone who prefers other ways of singing is intolerant and selfish? Not only fine but will be imposed on you in a highly agressive manner?

Any of the above are fine with as you will.. but will determine my willingness to make a 300?? mile trip by bus, train, and oxen I believe to get to the final point. This is because I saw the lineup from last year and it is people I want to hear sing and sing with..four of five ormore of the best in the west and I do not want to bother if every other song is ftbb and things are as aggressive as they were the last time I was in a Vancouver camp. If it is time for us to admit defeat, great..let's do it. If it is time for us to be more honest, as we were at Rainycamp and really made someone upset...also great. I think varying styles and preferences can be accomodated..but not each and every time..every informal group the blue books will just come in and take over and start telling people to move their chairs back and turn to this page. It would be worth it to me to come if they were accomodated..and it si not my intention to exclude anyone from singing..but I think some of us others need to be accomodated now too..and it should not be that hard. Different rooms, times for this and times for acknowledgement that some people might go to certain rooms to sing sans books and please respect their right to do so...etc. your call.   mg