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Posted By: Mrrzy
29-Sep-00 - 11:59 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Shame and Scandal (Odetta)
Subject: Shame and Scandal (Odetta)
Hi, I have a memory of this tune, done very Island-y, which Odetta doesn't usually do. It's missing some lines, can anyone help? I'm not sure of the title, either, of course, but it's the repeated line from the chorus. I'm trying to decide whether to type it the way it's pronounced or in regular English... I think I'll go with a compromise...

There was a family, lived on the island
Of (San Sebastian?) for a long long while
The head of the family was a Hollander man
The youngest brother his name was (Randy?)

Whoa-a me, shame and scandal on the fomily (bis)

(...? something about the hollander man getting a wife?)
She saw the brother, she stole his heart
And that's where the trouble and the (bubbling?) start
The wife and the brother, they wanna go, but
Hollander man he tell them no
The wife fall down and the evil came
Burned the man in a voodoo flame
Her eyes are empty, she cannot talk
A nurse has come to make her walk
The brothers are lonely, the nurse is young
And now you know my tale is sung.

I'm not sure if there are any other verses. Appreciate all your help, as usual!