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Posted By: Surreysinger
22-Jan-11 - 07:36 AM
Thread Name: First Folk Song You Sang in Public
Subject: RE: First Folk Song You Sang in Public
The question in the heading to this thread was about the first folk song sung in PUBLIC (rather than in folk club, singaround etc). I we're talking that, then it was "Blackwaterside" with guitar accompaniment in front of an audience comprised of choral singers. Source was a Tony Rose LP if I recall correctly, and the location was a choir singing weekend in Winchester, Hants in the 1980's when I was in my late 30's (I think ... datewise). It's in my repertoire at home, but I haven't sung it out in a long while. Thanks ... that gives me an idea for the next night when I have to stand up and do a spot at the club.

Re the actual standing up and singing a "folk song" in public ... again, definition required. The first time I stood up in a folk club was actually September 1991, as part of a harmony duo with Jane Ravenhill in the Ram Club in Claygate, Surrey. (We never did have a name - she wanted to call us 88 ... bingo parlance, of course... but I never agreed!!). The song would have been either "Inisvaddy's Annie" or "This Old World" ... in neither case a true folk song, of course - one being a poem set to music by Len Graham's wife, and the other a hymn.

However, if you're talking solo performance, and real folk song, then that came five weeks later ... again at the Ram Club in Claygate, Surrey. We'd been rehearsing and performing two new songs each week, and on the fifth week we had only one song. Naively I thought we'd revert to something we'd done in the first week (daft when I look at it now!) ... she sat down in the front row below the small upraised stage and said "You're on your own - get on with it!, and I ended up singing "Let No Man steal Your Thyme" (unaccompanied)... can't remember who the source was, but it wasn't the version which was ubiquitous at the time. Year again (obviously) was 1991, age 40, age now pretty obvious if you can count ?? Is it still in my repertoire - that particular version is one that I sang in public quite a lot in the 1990's, but haven't done for some time (although I could quite easily, but it's a bit bog standard). I now tend to sing a version which was collected from Henry Burstow by Lucy Broadwood