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14-Jun-98 - 05:49 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Be Thou My Vision / Slane
Subject: RE: Be Thou My Vision -do ya know this Irish Tune
Cuilionn: Thanks for the lesson. I believe you are right. The Germanic (and Norse) tribes that settled England and those that settled Scotland were similar but not the same. So we should say that Broad Scots and English are sister languages rather than being one a version of the other. I stand corrected. Some people call the Gaelic spoken by some Scots people by the name of Erse. As I understand it, Erse, Welch and Irish are very similar. The British language in England which was like Gaelic has died out almost entirely. A few people in Cornwall speak it and a few people across the channel in northern France (Brittany) speak it. Hardly any of the British language went into English, "whiskey" being the most notable one. There are place names like "tor" for mountain and "avon" for river. Our Germanic and Norse ancestors that peopled most of England and Scotland didn't have much to do with the natives they conquered. Scotland got to keep its name but England didn't even get to do that. - Philip Hudson