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Posted By: WyoWoman
28-Sep-00 - 01:44 AM
Thread Name: Sgt.Kat and Her Howling Mudcat Commandos
Subject: RE: Sgt.Kat and Her Howling Mudcat Commandos
U.S. Wyo had come late to the party. Then again, she often came later, rather than earlier. ... It just seemed to work out better that way. Now, for instance, standing next to her "boy toy" thoughtfully provided by Ali Ali Incomfree, the two of them watched the mayhem unfolding in Ali's Great Hall.

"this isn't to my liking," Wyo said with a deep sigh. "I'm a Libra, with a Scorpio moon. This violence shit just grates on my nerves."

"YOU'RE a LIBRA with a SCORPIO MOON???" her "attendant" gasped. "My WIFE i a LIBRA with a SCORPIO MOON... so playful and passionate and ..." with that the man began to sob.

Wyo was astonished. Here in the troops of the great Ali Ink, she hardly expected to find a sensitive New Age guy. But surely, these tears were genuine, and the warm, limpid brown eyes like pools of bubbling crude ...

"What happened to your wife?" she asked, putting a kind hand on his forearm. "what has happened to YOU?"

His shoulders shook. He turned his back on the scene below, and when he had gained his composure somewhat, he said, "It was Ali Ali. He took all our wives and forced them into his harem several months ago. He promised all of us that we could get our wives back if we would come here and serve as his buck-harem. All we had to do is, um, take care of you Mudcat femmes and we could have our own women back..."

"Then why are you crying?" Wyo said solicitously. "You could be using this diversion to go and open the harem where your wives are being kept. You could join forces with us and together we could crush the scurrilous reprobat extraordinaire, Ali Ali Inkomfree..."

"Yes, yes," he interrupted. "That would be such a great plan. But ... " he paused, groping for a way to explain his terrible dilemma. "My wife, you see. It's that Libra/Scorpio thing... The Libra would forgive anything, but that Scoprio? She'll kill me if she thinks I, um, took care of your 'every' need ... "

"Ah," Wyo said. "I understand completely. Well, listen. You just help us kick Ali's ass from here to Antarctica and I think we can figure out a way to deal with your wife. Appeal to her inherent sense of justice or something..."

The man's bright eyes sparkled with hope. He started to speak, but instead, his face froze in terror, his gaze fixed just over U.S. Wyo's left shoulder. Wyo didn't even need to ask. Ali Ali Incomfree's turban was plainly reflected in the young man's glistening brown eyes ...