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Posted By: John in Brisbane
27-Sep-00 - 10:23 PM
Thread Name: Index of Folk Songs in Print

Collected by Jim Morse and Nancy Matthews
Sierra Club 1971

I've posted a few tunes that were missing from the DT. This collection is interesting even though probably a bit dated for some tastes. I particularly enjoyed From Way Up Here by Malvina Reynolds which I hadn't come across before. Most of the songs aren't in the DT.

Introduction Pete Seeger
Tapestry Don McLean
Garbage Bill Steele
The Hand of Man Joe McDonald
The Faucets Are Dripping Malvina Reynolds
Pollution Tom Lehrer
Coming of the Roads Billy Edd Wheeler
Don't Dump It in the River! Mike Kellin
Cannonsville Dam Grant Rogers
Children's House Toni Brown
Johnny's Lullabye Janet Smith
We'll All Be A-Doubling Peter Seeger
Don't Nancy Schimmel
The Emperor's Nightingale Malvina Reynolds
Manhattan, Manhattan Patrick Sky
Old Devil Time Peter Seeger
Little Boxes Malvina Reynolds
The Pill Matt McGinn
Let It Be Malvina Reynolds
Lead Poison on the Wall Jimmy Collier
Here Come the Beautiful People Suzanne Harris
The Song of the World's Last Whale Peter Seeger
Seventy Miles Malvina Reynolds and Peter Seeger
Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad
Loneliness Ric Masten
Orphans of Wealth Don McLean
Coyote, My Little Brother Peter LaFarge
My Rainbow Race Peter Seeger
We Will All Go Together When We Go Tom Lehrer
There'll Come a Time Malvina Reynolds
Whose Garden Was This? Tom Paxton
The Cement Octopus Malvina Reynolds
Simpson Creek Won't Never Run Clean Again Mayf Nutter
Once There Was Dottie Gittelson
Amazon Song Mark Spoelstra
Goodbye to the 30 ft Trailer Ewan MacColl
My Dirty Stream Peter Seeger
DDT on My Brain Malvina Reynolds
The Plodder Seam Ewan MacColl
Black Waters Jean Ritchie
We Can't Get There from Here John Edmiston
Castles in the Air Don McLean
Love Our River Again Jimmy Collier and Peter Hennessy
Preserven El Parque Elysian Mike Kellin
What Have They Done to the Rain? Malvina Reynolds
The People Are Scratching Ernie Marrs, Harold Martin, Peter Seeger
Give Me Back My Cool Clear Water Rick Shaw and Dick dark
The Stream Goes Meandering Mike Kellin
The Day the Freeway Froze Malvina Reynolds
Ma Baker's Little Acre John D Loudermilk
Over the Hills Peter Seeger
They Can't Put It Back Billy Edd Wheeler
Lamoille River Song John Nutting
What Am I Doin' Here? Ric Masten
Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is a Season) Peter Seeger
From Way Up Here Malvina Reynolds and Pete Seeger
When You Were Young Len H Chandler, Jr
We're Using Up the World Suzanne Harris
My Land Is a Good Land Eric Andersen
God Bless the Grass Malvina Reynolds