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Posted By: Cuilionn
13-Jun-98 - 11:25 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Be Thou My Vision / Slane
Subject: RE: Be Thou My Vision -do ya know this Irish Tune
Och, noo THAT's th' way tae turn a lassie's heid!

I'm sae pleasit aboot yer enjoyment o' my efforts... I'm allus a wee bit afearit that I'm offendin' folk whae micht be claiser tae th' speakin' o' Braid Scots than I. It's been tae mony generations since my ain folk were at th' speakin' o' it--or th' speakin' o' Gaelic--an' I'm tryin' tae gaither up some o' what we've laist.

Noo, regardin' Philip's wairds, I'll share what I've foond when studyin': Braid [oor "Broad"] Scots is classified as a language untae itsel', no' jist a dialect. Wuid ye believe th' scholars ca' it a Germanic language? That ane was a surprise tae me. Braid Scots is th' common tongue (micht be a stretch tae say "native") o' th' Lalland [Low-land] Scots, wi' dialect differences in sic plaices as Aberdeenshire, Edinburgh, an' Glasgae. Scots Gaelic, on th' ither hand, is th' "native" language o' th' Hieland an' Island Scots, branchin' frae th' aulder Irish Gaelic wi' a bit o' Norse an' Greek an' Latin thrawn in. Neither Braid Scots nor Scots Gaelic are Romance languages, (Latin-based), emergin' frae anither source an' anither view o' th' wairld. A' th' mair reason tae lairn 'em!

A deep curtsy tae ye frae a wee scholar lass,