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Posted By: bradfordian
02-Jan-11 - 07:39 PM
Thread Name: Mudcatter CD's PermaThread
Subject: RE: Mudcatter CD's PermaThread
Well, here's a bunch which I reckon came out in 2010.
I did have all the thread links, but my previous post got lost in the ether and I just can't spend another 2 hrs digging them out again (already past my bed time ;~(
Might have missed a few, anyone spots any, please add.
I'm sure you can find the links yourselves.

Amos:-Beyond The Lighthouse
Charlie Ipcar:- Sailortown Days Sea Songs
Acorn4:- Gobbindownmimobile
Seamus Kennedy:- Sidekicks and Sagebrush
Ray Padgett:- Stand Up Raymond
Nutty:- Sing With Me Now
John MacKenzie:- Halcyon Days
Theresa Tooley:- at Whittlebury song and Ale
Henry Clements:- Shades of the Past/Beacon Fires
Steve Suffet:- Low Rent district
Dan Schatz:- The Song and the Sigh
Ralphie:- Eloise
Waddon Pete:- Many Thousand Miles Behind Us
Alan Day & Will Fly:- La Luna
Chanteyranger & Radriano:- With Shipmates All Around
Dick Miles:- Windy Old Weather
Linda Allen:- Here's To The Women
Alan Morrhouse:- Live in Lennrep
Dan O'Connell:- Originals Plus

Some of the above have donated a song from their CD for the BLUE PLATE SPECIAL 2 project.........If anyone else would like to.....