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Posted By: GUEST,Allan Con
22-Dec-10 - 05:36 PM
Thread Name: Burns lyric query - 'And All That"
Subject: RE: Burns lyric query
I know this thread has drifted but as I had a wee bit time I worked out the ancestry showing the monarch's line back to the dawning of the Scottish kingdom. This is not someone impressed by aristocratic ancestry etc, or even someone supporting the monarchy, it is simply somoen interested in history dealing in facts and dispelling the ideas aired here that "the present monarch has no historic connection to any British/Scottish line" or that they "can't trace British lineage back very far"

For a start the Queen's mother is thoroughly British so the idea that someone born in Britain to a British mother and father should not be British or have a British lineage is just daft. Taking her mother aside we look at the Queen's ancestors through her paternal royal line which itself makes it at least easy to trace. Back through the generations we have

George VI, George V, Edward VII, Victoria, Prince Edward, George III............all of these people were born and raised in England. This in itself takes us back to 1738. That is almost 300 years straight off. This in itself would make it a British family of long standing by any sensible standards.

Then we have three generations where they were neither born in Britain nor had a British parent.

Frederick, Prince of Wales......born in Hanover but came to Britain as a 21 year old to join his father who had been here already for well over a decade.

George II....born in Hanover but again spent most of his time in Britain

George I......probably the most foreign on them and did not actually speak English but he still had a grannie who was a Scottish Princess so it can hardly be suggested he had no connections.

Sophia of Hanover was a daughter of Princess Elizabeth of Scotland.

Princess Elizabeth of Scotland was born in Scotland and was a daughter of James VI of Scotland and I of England.

All the remaining were born in Scotland

James VI
Mary Queen of Scots
James V
James IV (who married Margaret Tudor of England)
James III
James II
James I
Robert III
Robert II
Princess Marjorie (Bruce)
Robert I (the Bruce)
Robert de Bruce 6th Lord of Annandale
Robert de Bruce 5th Lord of Annandale
Isobel of Huntingdon (daughter of David of Scotland)
Prince David of Scotland (Earl of Huntingdon)
Prince Henry of Scotland (Earl of Huntingdon)
David I
Princess Bethoc
Malcom II (Canmore)
Kenneth II of Alba
Malcom I of Alba
Donald II King of Picts
Constantine I King of Picts
Kenneth MacAlpin King of Picts (there had been Pictish kings who had also been Kings of Dalriada prior to Kenneth but he was the first of the Dalriadan Scotti to be King of Picts)

Then it gets shady and it is best stopping here but this takes us back to 843AD when Kenneth's reign started. So not counting the monarch herself that is about 35 generations going back almost 1200 years with only 3 of these generations not actually being born here or themselves having a British parent.