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Posted By: jacqui.c
16-Dec-10 - 12:39 PM
Thread Name: BS: How to Deal With People Complaining
Subject: RE: BS: How to Deal With People Complain
I'm staying with my daughter right now and, this morning, we had a policeman at the door just gone 8am. Someone had made a complaint that my car was parked on the pavement outside my daughter's house. True enough, it was, because they live at the end of a small close and, if I parked on the road, the woman opposite would have trouble getting her car off the drive. My car is parked there for, at the most six weeks during the year, when I come over from the USA. There was still plenty of room on the pavement for the very few people who walk past my daughter's house, something with which the policeman agreed. He also muttered about petty complaints and said he would get back to serious work.

My daughter guessed that it was her next door neighbour whose wife called another neighbour a paedophile some time ago and ended up in court for defamation. My daughter had to give evidence against her and there has been an atmosphere ever since. It seems that they are trying to get even. Funny thing is, THEY park a big work van on the pavement at times. These are people who leave two full grown Labradors in a small hutch in the garden for about eight hours while they work, who don't pick up when the dogs poop on their five minute walk down the local path and the guy is known to drive drunk.

My daughter is now ready to become a complainer.